18+ Online Sports Betting Options For USA Players

Sports betting has exploded in recent years across the United States, but online sports gambling options still typically come from outside sources. 

Today, only a handful of states allow domestic sportsbooks to offer gambling services online. The options for 18–20-year-old gamblers are few and far between in the US. Conveniently, several legit online sports betting sites that operate legally under federal US gambling laws, or lack thereof, service the United States. 

18+ online betting sites can be accessed from all 50 states with casino, sportsbook, and poker options; however, you must abide by state laws to ensure you don’t break any local ordinances. Below, we will discuss online sports betting options and why they are so popular in the US market today.

American Sports Betting Options

In the US, some states restrict domestic sportsbooks from offering bets on college sports and other in-state activities, but 18+ online sportsbooks do not have to follow the same policy. Licensed online sports betting sites operate legally from their country of origin and follow strict guidelines to obtain their legal status.

Online sportsbooks typically offer more options than their domestic counterparts since they don’t have limited resources and options. The USA professional and amateur sports are the most popular sports to bet online. The following sports options are available in season: NFL, NBA, NHL, PGA, UFC, WWE, UFL, NCAA football, NCAA basketball, NASCAR, MLS, and more.

International Sports Betting Options

International sports betting options can be hard to find with US-based sportsbooks, but online, they are plentiful. While you will often find lines for significant international events like the World Cup or the Olympics, you may need help from an out-of-state service to bet on Japanese baseball or world politics.

Most of the top-rated gambling sites we review offer their services worldwide and allow their account holders to bet in various forms of currency. Popular currencies include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Visa, Mastercard, courier checks, money orders, wire transfers, and more, depending on the site.

You will find international sports betting options online for the following: KBO, FIFA, Premier League, PBA, Cricket, horse racing, and much more.

Mobile Sports Betting

Online sportsbooks all operate on mobile devices; some make you download additional apps from their site for quick access to your account, but many only require a login. The convenience of mobile gambling capabilities is great for people on the go or from an area that doesn’t have local sportsbooks. 

Mobile sites allow players to bet on sports 24/7 without traveling to place a bet. When you gamble online, you will also find more sports, casino, and poker options. 

While gambling might not be for everyone, for some, it is entertainment and a lifestyle. A few lucky people have turned gambling into a career, but most enjoy the thrill it gives them to win or lose, whatever tickles your fancy.