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  • DE Sports Betting – Domestic: 21+, Offshore: 18+
  • DE Casinos – Domestic: 21+, Offshore: 18+
  • DE Poker – Domestic: 18+, Offshore: 18+
  • DE Bingo – Domestic: 18+, Offshore: 18+
  • DE Horse Race Betting – Domestic: 18+, Offshore: 18+
  • Delaware Lottery – Domestic: 18+
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Delaware has legalized several forms of domestic gambling, but online options are not as prevalent as in-person opportunities in the Blue Hen State. If you are interested in 18+ Delaware online gambling, the following guide is the perfect primer to find out what the legal situation is and where the best web-based casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms can be found.

Offshore gambling sites are popular outlets for legal online betting in all US states. While not all international betting sites are 18+, several of the best accept players aged eighteen to twenty. The sites we've culled together and recommend here are the best Delaware gambling sites for 18+ players. You can check any of them out by clicking the links provided below.

Keep reading to find out more regarding Delaware’s gambling laws, which domestic and offshore betting options are open to 18 and older gamblers, and what sites top the rankings of our review staff.

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    Best Site For 18+ Online Gambling In Delaware - BetUS

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    Is BetUS Legal In Delaware?

    There are no laws at the state or federal level that forbid players in DE from signing up as a member at BetUS to bet on sports, play casino games, or hands of poker. The minimum age to join BetUS is 18, allowing gambling to occur from anywhere in the state on PCs, laptops, and mobile devices. BetUS com pa is the number one gambling site that serves the Delaware region and is licensed to operate internationally by the government of Mwali.

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    Best Delaware Gambling Sites For Sites July 2024

    Best Delaware Gambling Sites For Sites July 2024

    RankSite BonusRating /5USALink
    1BetUS Brand logo250% Max $5,0004.9USA AcceptedPlay Now
    2Super Slots 250% Max $6,0004.7USA AcceptedPlay Now
    3Sun Palace400% Max $6,0004.6USA AcceptedPlay Now
    4Vegas Casino Online300% Max $3,0004.5USA AcceptedPlay Now

    RankSite BonusRating /5USALink
    1BetUS125% Max $3,1254.6USA AcceptedPlay Now
    2BetOnline50% Max $1,0004.5USA AcceptedPlay Now
    3Sports Betting AG50% Max $1,0004.4USA AcceptedPlay Now

    RankSite BonusRating /5USALink
    1BetOnline100% Max $1,0004.6USA AcceptedPlay Now
    2Sports Betting AG100% Max $1,0004.5USA AcceptedPlay Now

    Is Gambling Legal In Delaware At 18?

    The First State does not permit domestic sports betting or casino gambling at 18, but current laws allow purchasing lottery tickets, betting on horse races, playing bingo, and poker. A majority of the state's poker rooms exist in 21+ casinos, making entrance difficult for anyone 20 and under despite DE gambling laws.

    In-person sports betting and casino gambling are offered to anyone 21 or older in DE. The state's gambling industry is primarily centered around Delaware's three retail casinos - Delaware Park Casino, Bally's Dover Casino, and Harrington Raceway & Casino.

    Inside these three DE casinos, 21+ players can enter and partake in cash games of slots, blackjack, craps, Texas Hold'em, roulette, and other popular table games. Because local casinos in DE are 21+ venues, gambling and sports betting at 18-20 is limited to offshore betting sites at this time.

    Is Online Gambling Legal In Delaware At 18?

    Yes, but not from your local, state licensed gambling businesses. There are local sportsbooks, casinos, and poker rooms in DE that cater to the 21 and over crowd, but they do not offer these services over the Internet. The same can be said for the state's lottery system, bingo, and racinos, except they are allowed at 18.

    The best way to legally gamble at online casinos for 18-year-olds is with offshore betting sites. These web-based casinos accept anyone 18 and up in DE and let them win real money on games like blackjack, craps, roulette, backgammon, slots, and more.

    The websites that we feature here are licensed and operate inside international gambling jurisdictions. They can accept players 18 and over in DE even though the local minimum age is 21. This is because they must only follow their local gambling laws to maintain appropriate legal standing.

    18+ Casinos In Delaware

    casino iconThe three Delaware casinos currently open for business do not allow players aged 20 or under to walk onto the gaming floor and bet any money. If an adult accompanies you, you can enter the casino and enjoy the restaurants, bars, or shopping, but no gambling can take place unless you are twenty-one or above.

    If you are 18, 19, or 20 and standing inside Delaware, you can legally gamble with an offshore betting site. Not only are there no laws against doing so in DE, but recent SCOTUS rulings suggest that the gambling takes place where the server is, so the betting isn't even taking place in the USA.

    We've been members with the 18 & up DE casinos linked to on this page for many years and suggest that readers consider joining one or more of them. They can be used to bet on sports, play casino games, and play real-money poker using your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer in DE as long as you have a connection to the Internet.

    Online Casinos In Delaware 18 And Up

    No online gambling of any kind is regulated by the State of Delaware. That could change in the future, but for now, online casinos are not commonly offered in the US. Even if DE does legalize state-run casino sites in the coming years, they will most likely be limited to 21 and older bettors.

    However, there are options for casino gambling online in Delaware. Not only are the sites we feature here the most premium online gambling venues on the web, but they also accept bettors at the age of 18 and allow them access to any wagering opportunities they offer.

    Many offshore casino sites won't allow gambling from inside the Diamond State, but that's not true of all of them. If you want to browse through the best casino sites in DE, you can click on the links here and check out any real money games they provide without signing up as a member.

    Registration for an account only takes a few minutes, and most major forms of payment are accepted for making a deposit. The sites we feature here are also the fastest-paying casinos around, with several withdrawal methods that are completed within hours of being requested.

    Most Trusted 18 And Up Casinos In Delaware for July 2024

    BetUS Brand logo

    Minimum Age: 18+
    USA Friendly: ✅

    Welcome Bonus:
    250% Max $5,000

    Super Slots logo long

    Minimum Age: 18+
    USA Friendly: ✅

    Welcome Bonus:
    250% Max $6,000

    Sun Palace Casino logo

    Minimum Age: 18+
    USA Friendly: ✅

    Welcome Bonus:
    400% Max $6,000

    Vegas Casino Online logo

    Minimum Age: 18+
    USA Friendly: ✅

    Welcome Bonus:
    300% Max $3,000

    Are Casinos Legal In Delaware?

    Yes. Casinos are legal in Delaware, and currently, three serve players who are 21 or older. These three locations are retail casinos and are not operated by any tribe or Native American gaming organization. While poker is legal for 18 and older players, the DE card rooms housed in these casinos are limited to 21+ players.

    There are no plans at the moment for additional DE gambling venues, but with the success of the existing casinos, expansion is likely in the future. State lawmakers could decide to change gambling laws to allow for 18+ casinos in DE, but there has been no sign of movement in that direction.

    Are Online Casinos Legal In Delaware?

    State-regulated online casinos are not yet legal in DE, but offshore gambling sites can provide real money table games and slots over the web. Internet-based sports betting is incredibly popular, and has been legalized for local regulation, but that passion has not spread to online or mobile casino gambling of any kind in Delaware.

    That said, legal online casinos are present in DE, but they are not based in-state. The casino sites we prefer while in Delaware provide their services from an international location. They are only held to their local gambling laws, which is why they can accept 18+ members even though the minimum age to gamble in DE is mostly 21+.

    These online casinos are also routinely inspected and regulated in a similar fashion to Las Vegas gambling venues. We’ve been gambling with these casino sites for years and recommend them to 18-to-20-year-old players in Delaware without hesitation. Each site's licensing credentials and county of operations can be reviewed on its homepage or inside its membership terms.

    18+ Sports Betting In Delaware

    Sports Icon

    Delaware sports betting at local sportsbooks is limited to the three casinos that currently exist. You must be at least 21 to enter a Delaware sportsbook and gamble on college or professional games. Games that include local colleges and universities cannot be wagered on at DE sportsbooks.

    This means no bets can be made on contests involving the Delaware State Hornets or the Delaware Fightin' Blue Hens at a local book. Local politicians have enacted this prohibition in an attempt to curb any cheating by players.

    The Small Wonder (aka Delaware) does have some sports betting options open, and the 18+ crowd is not left out in the cold. Offshore sportsbooks accept gamblers in Delaware, and the ones we list here take anyone in the state who has reached 18.

    If you are at least 18 and in Delaware, online sports betting is offered to anyone with money to risk and an appetite for gambling. These international sports gambling sites can be pulled up on smartphones and computers in DE by anyone eighteen or older and used to place a bet on any major sport on the planet, including local college sports.

    Overseas sportsbook sites aren't subject to Delaware gambling laws because they exist inside offshore gambling jurisdictions and are governed by internationally recognized commissions. As they are in good legal standing, they can accept players across the globe at 18, including those in Delaware.

    18 And Up Online Sports Betting In Delaware

    DE is a little late to the domestic sports betting party because they are currently limited to in-person locations. That means anyone wanting to place a bet on sports in Delaware must drive to one of three sportsbooks to do it. Only cash is accepted, and payouts are issued at the location only.

    Local sportsbooks are off-limits to anyone under 21. The 18-to-20 sports betting market cannot wager at a domestic book, but that is not true at offshore sportsbook sites. Any of the sports betting sites that we list here operate outside of the United States and are not subject to their gambling laws.

    Instead, offshore sportsbook sites must only obey their local gambling laws and regulations and attain licensing from a recognized commission or government. That is the case with each of the top sites we recommend to our readers, and all of them serve DE-based players at the age of 18.

    Some overseas sports gambling sites are 21+, but we've omitted those results so that anyone aged 18-to-20 who's in Delaware can skip straight to the action and sign up immediately. Not only do they allow younger players to bet, but there are also no restrictions on placing a wager on a local college team.

    Delaware Sports Teams

    DE is wedged between Philadelphia and Boston, two of the best sports cities on the planet that host teams from all major professional leagues. The state of Delaware is home to two FCS college programs that compete in football, basketball, baseball, and more.

    Best Delaware Sports Betting Sites For July 2024

    BetUS Brand logo

    Minimum Age: 18+
    USA Friendly: ✅

    Welcome Bonus:
    125% Max $3,125

    BetOnline brand logo

    Minimum Age: 18+
    USA Friendly: ✅

    Welcome Bonus:
    50% Max $1,000

    Sportsbetting AG logo

    Minimum Age: 18+
    USA Friendly: ✅

    Welcome Bonus:
    50% Max $1,000

    Is Sports Betting Legal In Delaware?

    Yes. Delaware was one of the first states to pass legal sports betting legislation and had laws in place even before the repeal of PASPA by the US Supreme Court in 2018. While DE was progressive regarding sports betting, they are behind the ball in the mediums for which it is allowed.

    As of July 2024, legal sports betting in Delaware is limited to in-person sportsbooks inside the state’s three casinos. There are no online sportsbooks or mobile sports betting apps at the moment, but that could change with future sessions. Domestic DE sports betting has a minimum age of 21 to participate.

    Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Delaware?

    Yes, just not with a domestic operator. Local sports betting can only occur with a retail sportsbook in DE, and you must also meet the minimum age of 21. No state-regulated online sportsbooks or mobile sports betting apps can be pulled up on smartphones and tablets.

    There are a few outlets for online sports betting in Delaware, and you don't have to be 21 to place a wager on pro or college teams. Any sports betting sites listed here accept players in DE and let them bet on any sport happening around the planet, plus entertainment and election odds.

    The reason they can do this is because they base their operations offshore. They are regulated by governments or gaming commissions and are subject to routine inspection just like local gambling venues. They can accept eighteen-year-old bettors from DE because that's the minimum age in their home district.

    There are no laws in place to suggest that a DE-based player at the age of 18 cannot wager with any of the books listed here. The act is similar to online commerce with an international vendor and does not violate US or Delaware gambling regulations.

    What Sports Betting Apps Are Legal In Delaware?

    If you are 21 or older, you can download sports betting applications in DE to your smartphone or tablet and wager online from anywhere in the state. These DE mobile sportsbook apps that are available for 21+ players to access and bet on pro or college games.

    Each of the online sportsbooks you see listed on this page operates offshore from within countries where international mobile gambling is permitted. Because of this scenario, the offshore sports gambling sites that we prefer can be pulled up in Delaware by anyone 18 or older holding an Apple or Android-powered device. Just by clicking on any sportsbook linked on this page, Delaware-based gamblers can use their mobile devices to bet on sports at the age of 18

    18+ Delaware Poker Rooms

    Poker IconCasino Delaware Park, Harrington Raceway & Casino, and Dover Downs feature robust poker rooms where players 21 and older can enter and belly up to the felt. Delaware is also a rare bird in that online poker and mobile poker apps are also available to 21 and up patrons in the state.

    Anyone between the ages of 18 and 20 who is standing inside Delaware's borders has the ability to access any of the offshore poker rooms that we feature here in this guide. Just by clicking on the provided links, prospective players can tour the online poker rooms that we prefer and see first-hand why they've earned that rating.

    Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Hi-Lo, and poker tournaments are featured daily at our top casino sites. There are also online poker bonus cash offers that players can use to add money to their accounts each time they play a hand.

    18+ Online Poker – Delaware

    State-regulated online poker is rare in the United States, but casinos in Delaware do offer some domestic options for web-based gamblers. Anyone 21 or older can access these online poker rooms and partake in any real money games they offer. DE is also like any other state in the USA in that they do not possess any gambling laws that forbid locals from joining up with an international poker site.

    Online poker is also available in Delaware via offshore gambling sites like the ones we suggest here. We're members of each site and retain multiple accounts so that we can take part in the best online games and poker tournaments when they occur. Each poker site listed on this page operates overseas and is legal to join because they are either licensed by respected gaming commissions, reside within a country where online gambling is legal, or both.

    Best 18 & Up Online Delaware Poker Rooms For July 2024

    Is Poker Legal In Delaware?

    Yes. Poker is legal in Delaware and can be played at any of the state's three casinos that house a poker room. Each of these three locations also offers online poker to players aged 21 and up possessing a web-ready device with an Internet connection in DE.  At this time, there are no domestic DE poker rooms or sites that permit 18-to-20-year-old players to gamble.

    If you are 18 and in DE, you can play real money poker with any offshore gambling site listed here. These sites are legal to join and gamble with because local laws don't prohibit them, and they are located in countries where online poker is legal. Both offshore and domestic Delaware poker sites have their advantages, but we prefer overseas gambling venues for their range of banking options and their lower minimum age to play.

    Is Online Poker Legal In Delaware?

    Yes. Three locally operated poker sites are currently open for business and can legally accept anyone in the state aged 21 or older. These online poker rooms are operated and owned by the state's three retail casinos and can be accessed anywhere in the state using a device connected to the web.

    Another option for legal online poker in Delaware is becoming a member of an international casino site. Most popular poker games are offered at these sites, with memberships available to 18 and older players in DE. Our favorite DE poker sites are based offshore, and we've listed the best online gambling options available in the market today for clients that are eighteen and up.

    Other Options For 18+ Gambling In Delaware

    DE is a gambling-friendly region with more domestic options present than what most states offer. However, gambling at the ages of 18-to-20 is not widely available in DE, but there are options in play. Here are some popular 18-friendly betting categories you'll find in DE in 2024.

    • 18+ Horse Race Betting Online – Local online sports betting requires a minimum age of 21 to partake, but not when it comes to betting on horse races over the web, as anyone 18 and up is welcome. The same is true when doing business with an offshore horsebook, as the ones we list here are all 18-friendly.
    • 18+ Political Betting Online – If you want to bet on the next Presidential election or odds for local political races, you'll need to join an offshore sportsbook site. Domestic DE sports betting venues will not create political odds, nor will any local books across the USA.
    • 18+ Entertainment Betting – The category of entertainment gambling has become very popular in recent years, with odds for the Academy Awards, reality television, pro wrestling, the lives of celebrities, and the British Royal Family. You can only find entertainment odds at the offshore sportsbooks that we're members with, as domestic books have yet to enter the market.
    • 18+ Online Bingo – You can find games of real money online bingo at our favorite offshore gambling sites, but they are single-player electronic games that aren't identical to in-person contests. At this time, there are no online DE bingo options that share the same rules with standard games.

    Mobile Betting Apps In DE

    There are no state-regulated gambling apps of any kind in Delaware in 2024. Due to the overwhelming revenue collections that other mobile sports betting states tally each month, it is only a matter of time before DE lawmakers take notice and create some form of remote gambling.

    In the meantime, anyone in DE who is 18 or older can bet on their iPhone or Android smartphone today. All you have to do is click on any of the sites listed here with your tablet or cellphone using the onboard browser and create a membership.

    You don’t have to download a betting app to your device to access these gambling apps. Just click on any site we link to here, and you can wager remotely from anywhere in Delaware. Here are the types of mobile betting apps offered to 18+ DE gamblers in 2024.

    • DE Sports Betting Apps: Offshore Only (18+)
    • DE Mobile Casino Apps: Offshore Only (18+)
    • DE Poker Apps: Offshore Only (18+)
    • Mobile Delaware Bingo Apps: Offshore Only (18+)
    • DE Racebook Apps: Offshore Only (18+)

    Legal Gambling Age In Delaware

    Delaware gambling laws have set a minimum gambling age that differs depending on which real money game you are trying to play. If you are 18, state law allows you to purchase lottery tickets, bet on horse races, or play real money hands of poker. However, all poker rooms and racinos are inside 21+ casinos, so anyone 20 and under is out of luck in DE.

    Casino gambling is permitted to anyone 21 or older at in-person locations, but state law prohibits online betting. The same can be said for sports betting, as the minimum age to place a bet with a domestic book is 21, and it must be made in person. Offshore betting sites can accept players in DE at 18 because they only need to follow their local laws as they operate over the web internationally.

    Legal Status Of Gambling In Delaware

    Most standard forms of gambling are legal in Delaware, but online and mobile options are scarce. For instance, anyone 21 or older can enter a retail casino, in-person sportsbook, or poker room and win some cash. In fact, poker is legal in DE at 18, but the only existing rooms are inside 21+ casinos.

    The situation regarding domestic sports betting is similar. Local sportsbooks exist and are open to clients who are 21 and up, but betting apps and online options from domestic vendors are not allowed. These retail sportsbooks are also located within Delaware casinos.

    Gambling websites based overseas can legally accept sign-ups from inside DE and let them bet on sports, play poker, or play real money casino games using their computers and smartphones. The sites we feature allow 18 and older gamblers to become members, and there are no Delaware gambling laws that forbid them or make it illegal to use one.

    🎲 Delaware Gambling History

    Delaware outline


    • Horse race betting laws are passed in DE. 


    • The Delaware State Lottery is established.


    • The Delaware State Legislature passed laws allowing for real money slots at three racetrack locations.


    • Table games are made legal at the state's three casinos via the Table Games Bill. 


    • Delaware becomes the first state to legalize online casino gambling. Online games of slots, poker, blackjack, baccarat, and roulette become legal.


    • Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) is made legal by the DE legislature.


    • Domestic sports betting in Delaware is made legal for online, mobile, and in person.

    Where Can I Gamble In Delaware Locally?

    The Delaware Park Casino, Bally's Dover Casino, and the Harrington Raceway & Casino are the state’s three operating sportsbooks for 21 and older patrons. Players are welcome to drive into a neighboring state like Pennsylvania and bet on sports using one of their mobile gambling apps after crossing the border.

    The state's three major gambling institutions are the centrally-located Harrington Raceway & Casino and Bally's Dover Casino, and the Delaware Park Casino to the north, closer to Philadelphia, PA. Each location is limited to players 21 and up.

    The only way to play poker in DE is at either of the state’s three 21+ casinos. This creates a strange scenario where poker is legal to play at 18, but no one under 21 can gamble at a DE casino.

    Once again, Bally's Dover Casino, the Delaware Park Casino, and the Harrington Raceway & Casino are the state's lone providers of local and off-track horse betting. Bettors can enter the racino and bet on horse races at 18 in DE.

    Major Cities In Delaware Where Gambling Is Legal At 18

    • Dover Casinos: Bally's Dover Casino Resort is the largest in the state and is located next to Dover Motor Speedway. The resort casino features a sportsbook, racebook, poker room, slots, popular table games, and several night clubs and restaurants.
    • Wilmington Casinos: The Delaware Park Casino is the largest gaming institution in the region. In addition to its horserace track and racebook, the casino also features a sportsbook, slots, craps, backgammon, roulette, blackjack, card games, and a poker room.

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    18+ Delaware Betting FAQs

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