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Colorado is one of the more gambling-friendly states in the USA, offering area players the most common forms of real money betting. However, when it comes to 18+ Colorado online betting opportunities, there are no state-regulated options on the table.

Whether you’re looking for poker sites, online sportsbooks, or web-based 18+ casinos in Colorado, this guide details that and more. We explain the differences between offshore and domestic betting sites that operate inside of CO and provide a list of online gambling options that accept members between 18 and 20. We also provide you with some insight into each betting platform and what you can expect to find with an online betting experience.

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    Best Site For 18+ Online Gambling In Colorado - BetUS

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    Is BetUS Legal In Colorado?

    Yes, BetUS is legal for CO-based players to join, and they accept members starting at eighteen years old. They hold multiple international e-gaming licenses and operate in Costa Rica's regulated gambling jurisdiction. They’ve never missed a payout to a Colorado player, and they have topped our rankings in the state for over ten years in a row.

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    Best 18+ Betting Sites For Gambling In Colorado In July 2024

    Best 18+ Betting Sites For Gambling In Colorado In July 2024

    RankSite BonusRating /5USALink
    1BetUS Brand logo250% Max $5,0004.9USA AcceptedPlay Now
    2Super Slots 250% Max $6,0004.7USA AcceptedPlay Now
    3Sun Palace400% Max $6,0004.6USA AcceptedPlay Now
    4Vegas Casino Online300% Max $3,0004.5USA AcceptedPlay Now

    RankSite BonusRating /5USALink
    1BetUS125% Max $3,1254.6USA AcceptedPlay Now
    2BetOnline50% Max $1,0004.5USA AcceptedPlay Now
    3Sports Betting AG50% Max $1,0004.4USA AcceptedPlay Now

    RankSite BonusRating /5USALink
    1BetOnline100% Max $1,0004.6USA AcceptedPlay Now
    2Sports Betting AG100% Max $1,0004.5USA AcceptedPlay Now

    Is Gambling Legal In Colorado At 18 Years Old?

    No 18+ local gambling is authorized in CO except for lottery tickets, scratch-offs, bingo, and horse race betting. All casinos located in the Centennial State restrict their casino games, poker, and sports betting to gamblers aged 21 or older.

    As of this writing, there are no 18+ online casinos or poker sites based in CO, but the state does regulate domestic sportsbooks for 21+ bettors for both online and mobile use. There is no real chance of the minimum gambling age in Colorado moving from 21 to 18 because local casinos serve alcohol.

    Is Online Gambling Legal In Colorado At 18 Years Old?

    Yes, and while local betting opportunities in CO may be few and far between for gamblers aged 18-20, there are some premium online gambling sites that welcome players who are 18 and up. These sites operate legally within legitimate international gambling jurisdictions and have been providing their betting services to customers in the US, including Colorado for decades in some cases. There is nothing illegal about accessing and enjoying the online gambling services provided by these online casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms.

    18+ Colorado Casinos

    casino iconThe cities of Black Hawk, Cripple Creek, and Central City house all Colorado Casino resorts save for two tribal casinos operated by the Ute Mountain Tribe and the Southern Ute Indian Tribe on their respective Native American lands. These venues allow 21 and older patrons to play slots, poker, craps, backgammon, popular table games, and bet on sports.

    While none of these casinos in Colorado permit clients that are between the ages of 18 and 20, there are some premier choices available through offshore gambling sites. Because these are international businesses, US and state laws do not govern them and cannot forbid them from accepting wagers from CO-based bettors.

    In the following sections, we have listed the local Native American casinos in Colorado and the commercial operators located in the three municipalities where they are allowed.

    18+ Colorado Online Casinos

    Even though online sports betting in Colorado has been signed into law by local politicians, all other forms of domestic online gambling are forbidden. Legislators could change their tune at some point in the future, but for now, gambling on the web is limited to Colorado sportsbooks that operate domestically.

    At International online Colorado casinos, 18 and older players in CO are given access to their real money games over the web without violating state or federal laws. There simply aren’t any that ban online casinos located outside the USA.

    The online casinos rated the highest in this guide have earned that status following years of outstanding service to the members of our review staff. We restrict our online gambling to these CO casino sites and suggest you do the same.

    Using any link we've provided here for an online casino, Colorado players can check out these 18-friendly gambling sites. Many offer free slots and other games, so you can take them for a test drive before committing to membership.

    Most Trusted 18+ Colorado Online Casino Sites For July 2024

    BetUS Brand logo

    Minimum Age: 18+
    USA Friendly: ✅

    Welcome Bonus:
    250% Max $5,000

    Super Slots logo long

    Minimum Age: 18+
    USA Friendly: ✅

    Welcome Bonus:
    250% Max $6,000

    Sun Palace Casino logo

    Minimum Age: 18+
    USA Friendly: ✅

    Welcome Bonus:
    400% Max $6,000

    Vegas Casino Online logo

    Minimum Age: 18+
    USA Friendly: ✅

    Welcome Bonus:
    300% Max $3,000

    Are Casinos Legal In Colorado?

    Yes. Both commercial and tribal casinos in Colorado can operate inside state lines. These casinos are restricted to gamblers that are 21 and up and feature real money slots, blackjack and other popular table games, poker, craps, backgammon, and sports betting. There is no domestic online gambling allowed in CO except for web-based sportsbooks.

    Online gambling (outside of sports betting) is not common in the United States. If you're in CO and want to partake in online casino gambling, a great option is to use an international betting site we feature here. These over 18 casinos in Colorado can let members gamble online because of their international status, which places them outside the jurisdiction of the USA.

    Are Online Casinos Legal In Colorado?

    State-regulated online casinos are not permitted in CO. Gambling websites based overseas can offer online casino games over the net to players inside Colorado, and the ones we feature here accept bettors at eighteen years old.

    These offshore casinos are subject to international gambling laws, which allow them to accept players 18 and up. They are not subject to US gambling restrictions and are free to welcome adults to their sites as long as they do not violate any international gambling laws or trade laws.

    These online casinos offer many advantages over in-person locations. First, there's no need to leave the house and waste time traveling to a casino. Second, you can bet on your time when you want. Third, 18- to 20-year-old clientele can join and participate in online real money casino games.

    18+ Colorado Sports Betting

    Sports IconSports betting in Colorado is available for players aged 21 and older at domestic sportsbooks. There are options for brick-and-mortar locations, online sportsbooks, and mobile sports betting apps that can be downloaded to smartphones. The local sports betting age will likely remain at 21 because of alcohol sales and national norms.

    While not approved for domestic wagering, Gamblers 18, 19, and 20 can access international sports betting sites without violating any laws. There aren't any that ban the use of offshore sportsbooks that fall outside the borders of the United States.

    We prefer these venues located overseas because they welcome 18 and over players, offer odds on all major sports, and create prop bets that number in the thousands for each day's games.

    18 & Up Online Sports Betting In Colorado

    State-regulated sports betting sites in Colorado are open for business as long as you have reached the age of twenty-one. Gamblers of age (21) can bet on sports in CO domestically from anywhere inside the state with computers, tablets, or smartphones connected to the internet.

    Prospects for 18 and up sports betting online are available in Colorado, but only from international gambling sites. These venues number in the hundreds, but we’ve bundled together a list of the best CO sportsbooks today and listed them with convenient links.

    Our team has compiled this list of our favorite online CO betting sites based on our personal experiences over decades of collective membership. By clicking on the link to any of the top brands listed here, you'll be taken to their online sportsbook to browse their exclusive betting odds for all popular sports on the schedule.

    Even if you are 21 or older, we still recommend these offshore books over local options because of perks like cryptocurrency deposits, election betting, and sportsbook bonuses that gift extra cash each time a deposit is made.

    Best 18+ Colorado Sports Betting Sites For July 2024

    BetUS Brand logo

    Minimum Age: 18+
    USA Friendly: ✅

    Welcome Bonus:
    125% Max $3,125

    BetOnline brand logo

    Minimum Age: 18+
    USA Friendly: ✅

    Welcome Bonus:
    50% Max $1,000

    Sportsbetting AG logo

    Minimum Age: 18+
    USA Friendly: ✅

    Welcome Bonus:
    50% Max $1,000

    Is Sports Betting Legal In Colorado?

    Yes. Both state-regulated and international sportsbooks can legally operate inside Colorado. Domestic Colorado sports betting became legal in November 2019 with the passage of Proposition DD. In 2020, online, mobile, and in-person sportsbooks began accepting wagers from players aged 21 and over.

    Online sportsbooks that operate offshore have been serving the CO area for decades and operate entirely outside the scope of US or state law. The online gambling options presented here are our preferred online sportsbooks for bettors that are 18 and looking to wager on sports.

    Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Colorado?

    Online sportsbooks in Colorado are legally offered by local and international gambling sites. Local sportsbooks opened in 2020 following voters' approval at the ballot box in 2019. The Colorado Division of Gaming regulates state licensed mobile and online sports betting sites, which are now available to 21+ players.

    Online sportsbooks based overseas can accept members in CO and let them bet on pro and college games over the net. These web-based sports betting sites aren't subject to the US gambling restrictions and accept wagers from Colorado gamblers without violating any regulations.

    Many international sports gambling websites only allow 21 and older patrons to sign up. Because this guide is 18-focused, we've excluded 21+ sites from our recommended sportsbooks and have only included the top venues allowing those of you aged eighteen and up to join in on the fun.

    18+ Poker In Colorado

    Poker IconWhile several Colorado poker rooms are scattered throughout the state, 18-year-olds are not permitted to play real money hands as their minimum age is set to 21. The states' minimum poker age is mainly due to conforming to nationwide standards and matching the legal age to drink alcohol, as most of these establishments serve it.

    If you’re after legal poker at 18 in CO, international gambling sites will allow you to join and ante up at the tables. Not every offshore poker site accepts gamblers at 18, but the sites we recommend to players in CO do. If you are interested in playing online poker, Colorado card sharps can get in on the action at 18 at any site we link to here.

    18+ Online Poker - Colorado

    Outside of sports betting, locally regulated online gambling of any kind is uncommon across the United States. The same holds true in the Centennial State, but 18+ online poker is achievable by creating an account at a casino site that is based internationally.

    We’ve narrowed down the options presented here to only the absolute finest online poker rooms at over 18 casinos in Colorado. We base these rankings on our experiences playing real money poker online and have years of hands under our belts.

    These online Colorado poker rooms deliver many benefits not offered at in-person locations. Online poker bonuses provide free casino bonuses that add spendable cash to accounts based on the number of hands played.

    There is also the option to play poker with cryptocurrency. Bitcoin poker payouts arrive in wallets within the same day they’re requested at the sites we prefer, making crypto and other altcoins our banking method of choice. Domestic poker rooms are behind the ball and do not accept cryptocurrency antes.

    Best 18 & Up Colorado Online Poker Rooms For July 2024

    Is Poker Legal In Colorado?

    Yes. The state’s casinos are permitted to include poker rooms and host real money games and tournaments. Entrance into a casino or a CO poker room is restricted to players that are 21 and up. The same minimum age is imposed for all other casino games and sports betting.

    Another form of legal poker in Colorado can be played at any online gambling websites we recommend in this guide. These reputable online poker rooms accept 18 and over players in Colorado and let them play the real money games they host. This is due to a loophole where offshore poker sites fall outside any potential governance by the USA.

    Is Online Poker Legal In Colorado?

    Yes, but not with any Colorado-based poker sites. The only online gambling approved by area politicians is sports betting. There are in-person poker rooms that host local games, but you must be 21 to enter ante up.

    Legal online poker can be played at the tables offered at any site listed here. That’s because they exist in foreign territories and can allow poker internationally as long as they follow their local gambling laws.

    Not all poker sites accept the 18 to 20 betting market, but Colorado players can belly up to the felt and play real money games at 18 using the sites we reference here. These tried-and-true poker sites rate the best because they are the online casinos that we use when playing over the web.

    They're open 24 hours a day and provide a wide variety of real-money games and tournaments. Each of the poker sites that we've vetted here possesses licensing from a foreign government or gaming commission and resides in a regulated gambling territory.

    Where Can You Gamble At 18 In Colorado?

    Outside of the main categories of online betting, CO has other niche and burgeoning gambling categories that may be of interest. 18 and over players can gamble in Colorado on the following bet types:

    • 18+ Horse Racing Betting Online – Local horse race betting is legal at 18 at the state’s only track located at Arapahoe Park in Aurora. Many other casinos offer off-track betting, but entrance is restricted to those aged 21 and over. Off-track horse race betting and dog race betting can take place at 18 using any site we endorse here.
    • 18+ Political Betting Online – No local books in CO or the United States create election betting odds. Still, they're offered for most major state, federal, and international elections at the offshore sportsbooks that top our rankings. Bet on Presidential election odds, political indictments, and other prop bets at any book we link to here.
    • 18+ Entertainment Betting – Oscar odds, betting on the Emmys, reality TV results, pro wrestling matches, and pretty much anything that happens on TV or in the movies can be found in the entertainment section at online sportsbooks. Don’t go looking for this at a domestic Colorado sportsbook, as entertainment odds can only be found at international sports betting sites.
    • 18+ Online Bingo – Some gambling sites we've included on this page feature real money bingo games, but it isn't a significant focus of their operations. While there is bingo for 18+ available in person in CO, there are no online options for any age domestically.

    18 & Up Colorado Betting Apps

    Sports betting apps in Colorado are the only locally approved means of mobile gambling in the state. These mobile sportsbooks must be downloaded to your Apple or Android device and can only be utilized by bettors at least 21.

    Anyone using an iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone or tablet connected to the internet in Colorado can pull up these 18+ betting apps using browsers like Safari, Google or Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and others.

    Because these gambling apps don’t need to be downloaded, all the latest casino games, sports betting odds, and poker can be pulled up instantly over the web. Each of these web-apps accepts gamblers that are 18-20 in CO for remote betting throughout the state.

    • CO Sports Betting Apps: Domestic (21+), Offshore (18+)
    • Mobile CO Casino Apps: Offshore Only (18+)
    • CO Poker Apps: Offshore Only (18+)
    • Mobile Colorado Bingo Apps: Offshore Only (18+)
    • CO Racebook Apps: Offshore Only (18+)

    The Legal Gambling Age In Colorado

    The legal gambling age for casino games, poker, and betting on sports in Colorado is 21. Local horse race betting can be done at 18 at the state's only operating track. In-person games of bingo can be played at 18. No online betting of any kind is permitted domestically in CO except for sports betting, which is offered online and via sportsbook apps. The minimum sports betting age in Colorado is 21.

    The locations included in our list of online gambling site reviews legally accept members from CO at 18 and let them play cash games of poker, win money betting on sports, and participate in casino favorites like blackjack, craps, roulette, slots, and more.

    Legal Status Of Gambling In Colorado

    Legal sports betting in Colorado is permitted at in-person casinos, over the web, and via sportsbook apps by anyone in the state that is no less than 21. Casinos featuring slots, poker games, craps, roulette, blackjack, and more can exist in two different Native American reservations and three CO cities. There is a single horse racetrack in the state that allows for betting on the outcomes at the age of 18.

    🎲 Colorado Gambling History


    November 2, 1948

    The Colorado Gambling on Horse and Animal Races amendment receives a favorable number of votes and legalizes betting on horse and greyhound racing at in-state tracks.


    Charitable bingo is made legal in CO via a constitutional amendment.


    CO legislators create the Colorado Lottery, which begins selling scratch-off tickets in 1983.

    November 6, 1990

    The cities of Black Hawk, Central City, and Cripple Creek are permitted to open casinos after voters passed the Colorado Limited Gaming Initiative.

    November 7, 2000

    Colorado constituents vote in favor of the Colorado Multi-State Lotteries Referendum. Multi-state lotteries began selling tickets in CO shortly after.

    November 4, 2008

    CO voters approve of Amendment 50, which allows local casinos to offer craps and roulette.

    March 10, 2014

    Governor John Hickenlooper signs a law banning greyhound racing in CO.

    November 5, 2019

    Proposition DD is passed by CO voters, legalizing domestic sports betting.

    May 1, 2020

    In-person, online, and mobile sports betting in Colorado debuts

    June 2, 2023

    Governor Jared Polis signs HB23-1041 into law, banning off-track greyhound race betting

    Where Can I Gamble In CO Locally?

    Retail sportsbooks are located in many of the state's casinos, with some standalone venues near pro sports stadiums. Anyone 21 or older can enter one of these sports betting sites and wager on pro or college games.

    There are numerous gambling institutions in the state's three designated casino cities of Cripple Creek, Central City, and Black Hawk. There are also two tribal casinos in CO. These places can only be entered if you are 21+.

    21 and over poker players can enter rooms at any participating casino in Colorado. As of July 2024, there are five total poker rooms in CO (Ameristar Black Hawk, Golden Gates Casino, Isle Casino, Midnight Rose Casino, Monarch Casino).

    The Arapahoe Horse Racetrack is the only racebook in the state that offers live betting. 18 and over horse race betting is allowed at Arapahoe. There is off-track betting offered at in-person casinos in CO, but they cannot allow players under 21 to enter.

    Major Cities In Colorado Where Gambling Is Legal At 18

    • Aurora
    • Black Hawk
    • Boulder
    • Denver
    • Central City
    • Colorado Springs
    • Cripple Creep

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    18+ Online Colorado Betting FAQs