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Despite being known as a destination of paradise across the globe, the state of Hawaii is not famous for gambling opportunities for players of any age. Despite the local absence of betting venues, 18+ Hawaii online gambling sites can accept players in the Aloha State and let them play casino games, bet on college and pro sports, and partake in hands of poker for real money.

No matter what local laws say, offshore gambling sites enable legal betting at 18 in all 50 US states, including Hawaii. Due to HI's barren betting landscape, casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms that are based offshore are the only legitimate gambling opportunities in the state, regardless of age.

Keep reading to learn more about what legal betting sites are available to players 18 and older in Hawaii, and how offshore gambling in HI remains within the confines of legality.

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    Best Site For 18+ Online Gambling In Hawaii – Bovada LV

    💵 Sportsbook Bonus
    50% Max $1,000

    💵 Casino Bonus
    125% Max $3,750

    💵 Poker Bonus
    100% Max $500

    Is Bovada Legal In Hawaii?

    Yes, Bovada LV accepts members in HI at the age of 18 without violating any local laws. That's because there aren't any that govern betting sites that are based outside of HI and the USA. Bovada is licensed to operate by the Curacao Government and bases its operations in Costa Rica, a recognized international gaming jurisdiction. Bovada has catered to gamblers in HI for over a decade and is the state's number-one betting site, providing the best 18+ casino in Hawaii operating online, as well as the top site for Hawaii sports betting and poker action!

    • 18 And Older Bettors In HI Can Sign Up Now
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    • Odds Are Created For Pro, College, And HI Sports
    • Wager With The Bovada Betting App In HI
    • Sports Betting, Casino, And Poker Bonus Cash Offers
    • Betting Prohibited In NY, MD, NE, NJ, and NV
    Best 18+ Hawaii Online Gambling Sites For Sites For July 2024

    Best 18+ Hawaii Online Gambling Sites For Sites For July 2024

    RankSite BonusRating /5USALink
    1Bovada 125% Max $3,7504.9USA AcceptedPlay NowReview
    2Cafe Casino 350% Max $2,5004.7USA AcceptedPlay Now
    3SlotsLV200% Max $3,0004.6USA AcceptedPlay Now
    4Super Slots250% Max $6,0004.5USA AcceptedPlay Now

    RankSite BonusRating /5USALink
    1Bovada 50% Max $1,0004.9USA AcceptedPlay Now
    2BetUS125% Max $3,1254.6USA AcceptedPlay Now
    3BetOnline50% Max $1,0004.5USA AcceptedPlay Now
    4Sports Betting AG100% Max $1,0004.4USA AcceptedPlay Now

    RankSite BonusRating /5USALink
    1Bovada 100% Max $5004.8USA AcceptedPlay Now
    2BetOnline100% Max $1,0004.6USA AcceptedPlay Now
    3Sports Betting AG100% Max $1,0004.5USA AcceptedPlay Now

    Is Gambling Legal In Hawaii At 18?

    While most states in the country feature at least some forms of 18+ gambling, politicians in Hawaii are against betting in the state, even if you are 21 or older. There are hundreds of gambling locations that are operating illegally in HI, and lawmakers have budged slightly on considering a bill to counteract them, but nothing has resulted thus far.

    If you are standing on the Islands of Aloha and are at least 18, there are some gambling options that you can employ. If you have a web-connected laptop, PC, or mobile device, an offshore betting site will allow you to access their online casino, sportsbook, or poker room.

    Recent rulings by the US Supreme Court indicate that online gambling occurs where the server is, not where the player is standing. That further places international betting sites in the clear, as they do not operate inside HI or the United States.

    Is Online Gambling In Hawaii Legal?

    Currently, online gambling of all types is not permitted in HI, and this includes online betting. Online sports betting is spreading fast in the USA, and Hawaii could eventually get caught up in momentum. All gambling bills introduced thus far in the state legislature have failed to gain traction or serious consideration.

    Gambling laws in Hawaii forbid all betting, whether online or not, but they have no intention or ability to preside over a web-based business operating overseas. That’s what an offshore sportsbook is, and because of their international status, local laws do not prevent them from serving gamblers in HI.

    If and when Hawaii gets around to setting a legal minimum gambling age, it will most likely be 21. 18 and older bettors can legally join any of the online casinos, sportsbooks, or poker rooms we list here without getting into trouble because international e-commerce and resulting transactions are no business of the HI government.

    18+ Casinos In Hawaii

    casino iconHawaii is a world-renowned vacation destination with some of the finest resorts and beaches on the planet. Adding lush casinos to the mix seems like a natural fit, but the Aloha State has turned a cold shoulder toward all gambling types, even bingo and lottery ticket sales.

    Because of this stance, there are no state licensed Hawaii casinos, card rooms, or retail sportsbooks in the entire state. The island-state isn't bordered by any other US territories, so one cannot simply enter a nearby gaming-friendly region and partake in their offerings.

    This prohibition even extends to cruises visiting the island, as any vessel with HI as a destination is forbidden from opening the casinos while in international waters. This decision by lawmakers may leave a void when it comes to local casinos, but players still have legal access to the types of 18 and up online casinos you see on this page.  You'll find more information on these options below.

    Online Casinos In Hawaii For 18 And Up

    The anti-gambling posture of Hawaii’s state legislators continues in 2024 as there are no forms of domestic wagering of any kind available, online or off. This prohibition includes state licensed casino gambling, sports betting, poker, bingo, horse race betting, and lottery.

    It remains possible that the House and Senate could agree on legal gambling at some point in the future, but for now, there's nothing offered online from a domestic vendor. If you're 18 and up and in Hawaii, you can legally gamble online at any of the Hawaii online casinos we link to in this guide.

    The reason is that these Hawaii casino sites are offshore betting sites that are licensed to operate by international gaming commissions or governments. They do business over the Internet outside of US borders, granting them the ability to accept players worldwide who are at least 18.

    Members of our staff have held memberships with theses specific casinos that top our rankings for years (over a decade at some of them) and we continue to gamble with them because of their reliable, fast payouts, legitimate legal standing, and a wide variety of games that include: blackjack, baccarat, craps, slots, roulette, live dealer games, and more.

    Most Trusted 18 And Up Casinos In Hawaii For July 2024

    Bovada small logo

    Minimum Age: 18+
    USA Friendly: ✅

    Welcome Bonus:
    125% Max $3,750

    cafe casino logo

    Minimum Age: 18+
    USA Friendly: ✅

    Welcome Bonus:
    350% Max $2,500

    SlotsLV logo long

    Minimum Age: 18+
    USA Friendly: ✅

    Welcome Bonus:
    200% Max $3,000

    Super Slots logo long

    Minimum Age: 18+
    USA Friendly: ✅

    Welcome Bonus:
    250% Max $6,000

    Legal Minimum Gambling Age For Casinos In Hawaii

    HI casinos are not yet legal and local elected officials are against the prospect of legalizing them. Since casinos have not been addressed by Hawaii gambling laws, no minimum age has been set for entering one and playing table games or slots. The minimum gambling age for real money casino games at all of the betting sites we list on this page is 18 and up at.

    These sites take underage gambling very seriously, and when it comes time to collect your winnings, you will be required to verify your identity, and your age. If you are not yet 18 years old, do not assume you'll be able to swindle these Hawaii online casinos, they have been in the business a long time and are skilled at preventing minors from engaging in gambling activity.

    Are There Casinos In Hawaii That Are Legal?

    Locally that is going to be a no, however legit 18+ online casinos have your back! Domestic casinos are illegal in Hawaii and will continue to hold that status until the mood shifts dramatically among state politicians and locals. There has been some consideration given to domestic casinos in the past to curb the potential of the HI’s numerous illegal gambling houses. Still, nothing has made it to the Governor's desk for signature.

    A legal casino gambling option in HI is offshore betting sites like the ones we recommend in this guide. They operate in other countries and must only obey their local gambling laws. This permits them to accept gamblers at the age of 18 from inside HI and allow betting on sports, casino games, poker, and more.

    Are Hawaii Online Casinos Legal?

    The best, and only option for legal online casino gambling in Hawaii in 2024 is to become a member of an offshore betting site like the ones we endorse on this page. If you have reached the age of 18 and are standing in HI, you can legally join any site mentioned here and begin gambling immediately.

    Local laws do not allow domestic casino sites to operate inside of HI, and that status is likely to stick for several years. Online casinos based in-state are not typical in the USA, so HI would likely be one of the last to adopt a friendly attitude toward Internet gambling of any kind.

    The good news is that the sites we're members of are world-class online casinos that deliver hundreds of games of slots, real money blackjack, live dealer games, and other favorites all over the web to anywhere in the entire state. We have many years of experience as registered players with these brands, so we can vouch for them not only as industry insiders, but as experienced players.

    18+ Hawaii Sports Betting

    Sports IconDomestic sports betting in the United States has caught fire, spreading to most of the country since PASPA's 2018 repeal. The Pacific Ocean has extinguished those raging blazes, as local elected officials have shown zero desire to establish state-regulated sportsbooks, or any gambling at all for that matter.

    If you want to bet on sports in HI and do it legally, there are several options at your fingertips using laptops, PCs, smartphones, or tablets. International sportsbook sites are only subject to the age restrictions of their local gambling laws, which in the case of the Hawaii sportsbooks you see on this page, include a minimum age of 18 to join.

    This status describes the 18+ online sports betting sites we feature here, and each can legally accept Hawaiians right now. Simply click, sign up, and bet on pro and college sports after you make an online deposit. These tried-and-true online sportsbooks have served Hawaii for years (over 20 years in some cases) and are regulated by respected gambling commissions.

    18 And Up Hawaii Sports Betting Online

    Hawaii's no-gambling policy extends to online sports betting, squashing any action locals could hope to partake in from a state-based venue. Players can pull up an offshore sportsbook site over the Internet and place a bet on college or pro sports at 18 years old despite the lack of state-regulated options in HI.

    Pretty much any web-ready device that can power up has the capability to place bets on sports in HI, and while many offshore books are 21+, we’ve pulled together the best sites that accept players aged eighteen to twenty. These sites are all legal, too, and here’s why.

    Overseas sports betting sites are doing business internationally over the web and can do so because they are licensed for gambling by a local commission and it's government. Since they are in line with local gambling regulations, they can legally accept sports bets over the web from gamblers inside of HI.

    The US Supreme Court recently ruled that mobile and online sports betting takes place where the server is located and not where the gambler is standing. This further concretes offshore sportsbook sites as legal in Hawaii, and we’ve listed the best ones here.

    Hawaii Sports Teams

    Even though HI is located remotely in the Pacific Ocean, it still packs a punch when placing collegiate teams into the realm of athletic competition. The following colleges and universities represent the major sporting entities on the Aloha Islands.

    Best Hawaii Sports Betting Sites For July 2024

    Bovada small logo

    Minimum Age: 18+
    USA Friendly: ✅

    Welcome Bonus:
    75% Max $750

    BetUS Brand logo

    Minimum Age: 18+
    USA Friendly: ✅

    Welcome Bonus:
    125% Max $3,125

    BetOnline brand logo

    Minimum Age: 18+
    USA Friendly: ✅

    Welcome Bonus:
    50% Max $1,000

    Sportsbetting AG logo

    Minimum Age: 18+
    USA Friendly: ✅

    Welcome Bonus:
    50% Max $1,000

    Is Sports Betting Legal In Hawaii?

    Sportsbooks or local gambling of any kind has not been legalized in Hawaii for bettors of any age. The state is not willing to licensed any local retail sportsbooks, and the state remains one of the few remaining holdouts in the nation regarding domestic sports betting.

    All is not lost, however, as Hawaii sports betting can be done legally offshore. An international sportsbook site can accept a member in Hawaii for two reasons.

    1. The offshore sports betting site is licensed to offer sports betting odds over the web legally
    2. The wager is legally taking place on the server and not in HI.

    Being subject to international gambling laws, these Hawaii sportsbooks are also permitted to accept players who are 18 and over as opposed to most state-regulated sportsbooks across the country imposing a minimum gambling age of 21 and up.

    Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Hawaii?

    Yes, but you won't be able to bet on sports with a local book over the web. Domestic gambling in Hawaii is forbidden, and that includes online sports betting at locally operated sportsbooks. The state is notoriously anti-gambling, and that scenario is likely to remain the same for many years to come.

    Even though the state appears to be on a sports betting lockdown, legitimate sportsbook sites can reach out and touch 18 and up players in Hawaii over the net. This can be done legally because offshore sports betting sites that are licensed and based in international gambling jurisdictions don’t violate current HI laws.

    There are no state or federal laws that ban sports betting sites that are based in other countries, and they continue to be the best legal options following years of solid service. The sites that we prefer are licensed by respected gambling jurisdictions and overseen by legitimate gambling commissions around the world.

    Bets can be placed on college sports or pro games and matches happening around the world without restrictions. As long as you are 18 and have some money to dedicate to betting on sports, you can join any of the HI-friendly sportsbook sites listed here.

    While we do suggest you stick to the sites mentioned here, we also ask that you investigate each one of them yourself. All players are different and have unique expectations, so review each of our favorite online sportsbooks, and we believe you'll find several of them up to your standards.

    Pro Tip: Opening an account at more than one sportsbook allows you to shop the lines easily before an event to get the best possible odds. If you use crypto to fund your account, then you'll have access to virtually instantaneous transactions and can even hold out for the most current odds!

    What Sports Betting Apps Are Legal In Hawaii?

    Any of the online sports betting sites that are featured in this guide can be pulled up using smartphones and tablets in Hawaii that are connected to the web via Wi-Fi or cell. There is no download required because they are accessed using mobile web browsers like Opera, Safari, and Firefox. Each of these mobile sports betting apps accepts players in HI at the age of 18 and permits them to wager on college and pro sports that are happening around the world.

    When we say all the online features are ported to the mobile app, we mean everything. This includes sportsbook bonus offers, banking options, betting sports, prop builders, and the ability to create complex parlays. The best part is, unlike domestic sportsbook apps, offshore gambling sites can be used in any state in the USA where they accept members and are not restricted to the Aloha State.

    Our favorite sportsbook apps possess operating licensing from respected international governments and gaming commissions. These are the mobile sportsbooks we use to place remote wagers while in Hawaii and base our findings on decades of collective experience. All Apple and Android devices are supported, including touch-button controls for all screen sizes.

    18+ Hawaii Poker Rooms

    Poker IconWhile Hawaii would be the perfect setting for local poker rooms that let residents and visitors belly up to the felt and get dealt in, local laws forbid any such operations for players of any age. The same is true for web-based gambling or poker apps, as HI is known as being a state that is not friendly to gambling of any kind.

    Gamblers in Hawaii can play real money hands of online poker at the age of 18 using any of the betting sites that have earned a spot in our top rankings. These poker sites can be accessed using PCs, Macs, smartphones, tablets, or any other up-to-date web-ready device in HI. Not all offshore poker rooms accept 18+ players, which is why we've culled down our rankings to include only the venues that are eighteen-friendly.

    These sites feature popular poker games like Omaha, Hi-Lo, Texas Hold'em, and poker tournaments of all types. Until HI gambling laws change, these poker websites will be the only option for real money gambling going forth.

    18+ Online Poker – Hawaii

    There are only a few states in the country that regulate online poker or poker apps in the USA, and they are Connectcut, Delaware, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Hawaii doesn't allow any gambling to occur in-state, and while there have been efforts to change that status, rest assured that domestic poker sites are years, if not decades, away from debuting. Offshore poker sites do not fall under HI or federal governance and are subject to regulations in their home countries.

    Our top HI poker sites are licensed to operate by respected jurisdictions or gaming commissions. This allows them the legal clearance to accept players internationally, including bettors at the age of 18 in Hawaii. These online poker rooms let gamblers ante up from anywhere in the state that they choose. Most popular poker games are covered, with tables that range from $1 antes to high-stakes tournaments. Our favorite options for HI poker online also feature bonus cash offers where free cash is added to accounts after a certain number of hands are completed.

    Best 18 & Up Online Hawaii Poker Rooms For July 2024

    Bovada small logo

    Minimum Age: 18+
    USA Friendly: ✅

    Welcome Bonus:
    100% Max $500

    BetOnline brand logo

    Minimum Age: 18+
    USA Friendly: ✅

    Welcome Bonus:
    100% Max $1,000

    Sportsbetting AG logo

    Minimum Age: 18+
    USA Friendly: ✅

    Welcome Bonus:
    100% Max $1,000

    Is Poker Legal In Hawaii?

    Domestic poker rooms are not legal in Hawaii, and neither are casinos or sportsbooks. Gambling is frowned upon in HI, and both lawmakers and citizens seem poised to keep it that way for as long as possible. This abstinence includes online, in-person, and mobile poker apps, no matter what age you are.

    Hawaii poker tables are available over the web from gambling sites that are based overseas. These sites are allowed to accept state-based bettors because the gambling is occurring where the server is located. This means that these online hands of poker aren't even happening in Hawaii. Any of the poker websites we mention here can accept members in HI at 18.

    Is Online Poker Legal In Hawaii?

    Yes, online poker is legal in HI, just not with a local gambling operation. Domestic online poker in the United States is rare and only offered in a few states. Hawaii isn't one of them, but locals can solve the problem by joining an offshore poker room like the ones that are highlighted here. Each one is licensed to operate internationally and represents the best poker sites in the USA, not just HI.

    Waiting for 18 and older players in the Aloha State are online games of Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Stud, Hi-Lo, five-card draw, and more.  All poker games and tournaments offered on the regular site can be played on Apple and Android devices that are connected to the web. Not all offshore poker sites are 18-friendly, but the ones we feature here feature a minimum age of eighteen to join.

    Other Options For 18+ Gambling In Hawaii

    HI is as anti-gambling as a region can get, and it doesn't matter what age you are. Still, there are some outlets for 18+ betting in HI. Here are some highlights:

    • 18+ Horse Race Betting Online – Even the most stringent gambling regions will typically offer legal horsebooks for betting on the races, but not HI. If you want to bet on the horses in the Aloha State at 18, the best option is to sign up for an account with one of the online betting sites that have earned our approval.
    • 18+ Political Betting Online – Even if local sportsbooks ever get approved in HI, they'll never offer election odds for political results in the USA or elsewhere. International sportsbooks are the only source for political odds, foreign affairs, and betting on the British Royal Family.
    • 18+ Entertainment Betting – Have you ever wished that you could bet on the results of a television show, movie, or the outcome of a celebrity romance? All that and more is filed under the category of entertainment odds, and you'll only find them at offshore sports betting sites that accept Hawaiians.
    • 18+ Online Bingo – HI does not allow for online real money games of bingo to players of any age. Bingo is offered at some of the offshore betting sites that we prefer, but the games are single-player and do not feature a massive player pool.

    Hawaii Betting Apps For 18 And Up Players

    Gambling at the age of 18 using your Apple or Android device in Hawaii can be done with any of the sites that we link to at OB18. While locals wait for laws to pass allowing for domestic casino, poker, and sports betting apps to debut, we’ve got some options that’ll let you in on the action now.

    Just whip out your smartphone or tablet and click on any gambling site link we’ve included on this page, and you can bet on sports, gamble on casino games, or play real money poker without even stopping by the App Store for a download.

    If you're 18, gambling can occur from anywhere in Hawaii with a web connection via Wi-Fi or cell. While the casino gambling apps we prefer in HI are 18+, because of current law, they are the only reputable options that can legally serve the state.

    • HI Sports Betting Apps: Offshore Only (18+)
    • Mobile HI Casino Apps: Offshore Only (18+)
    • HI Poker Apps: Offshore Only (18+)
    • Mobile Hawaii Bingo Apps: Offshore Only (18+)
    • HI Racebook Apps: Offshore Only (18+)

    These particular gambling apps were launched as web-based applications by these reputable brands years before any of the US regulated gambling establishments did, and they each have extensive experience in offering sophisticated, user friendly mobile gambling options. We have personally used each of them with both smartphones and tablets, and found them all to perform exceptionally well.

    We were able to complete sign ups, deposit funds, claim bonus offers, place bets, play casino games, use prop builders and parlay boosters, and access live betting options without any glitches or issues. Since the apps are web-based, your account will be synched should you access it from a laptop.

    Legal Age For Gambling In Hawaii

    Hawaii is a rare bird in that all domestic forms of gambling are forbidden. Because of this, they have never set a minimum age for gambling in Hawaii. If they ever do legalize local sports betting, poker, casinos, bingo, or lottery, the minimum age will probably be 21 to fall in line with a majority of the rest of the United States.

    The HI betting sites we recommend allow members to sign up and gamble at 18 years old because that is the local minimum set forth by the commissions and nations that govern them. Not all offshore gambling sites are eighteen-friendly, but the ones listed here are the best of the best for anyone 18 or older.

    Legal Status Of Gambling In Hawaii

    Can you envision a massive party occurring in a banquet room with fifty people celebrating and one person facing a corner? That corner stander sums up Hawaii’s stance on gambling, as they are ignoring the festivities while the rest of the United States has authorized at least some form of legal gambling.

    Not even lottery ticket sales or bingo is allowable in Hawaii. The absence of domestic gaming has created a boom in illegal card rooms and gambling houses, a problem that local authorities have been unable to get under control in recent years.

    The only legitimate means of gambling in Hawaii is with an offshore betting site. Because these casino, sportsbook, and poker websites are based overseas and are licensed to offer web-based gambling, there’s no law being violated when players in Hawaii sign up and partake in the action online.

    Are Offshore Gambling Sites Legal In Hawaii?

    Yes, there are no laws preventing of-age gamblers from joining up with an offshore betting site in HI. The sites we endorse are the ones that we've been members of the longest. These licensed operators exist in countries where online gambling is legal. Their eGaming licensing credentials grant them the ability to accept players in HI over the web and let them bet on sports, play poker, and gamble in their online casinos. Below, we mention the superlatives of each of our top brands and explain why they're legal to gamble with.

    🎲 Hawaii Gambling History

    Hawaii outline


    • Any Type Of Game Where Money Is Won Or Lost Is Made Illegal By The Hawaii Provisional Government.

    August 21, 1959

    • Hawaii Becomes The 50th US State.


    • The Hawaii Penal Code Reinforces Prior Gambling Prohibitions But Permits Social Gambling.

    January 2023

    • A Bill Is Introduced To The Hawaii Legislature To Legalize Domestic Sportsbooks And Poker Rooms. The Bill Is Intended To Combat Illegal Gambling Houses In HI. The Legislation Died At The End Of The 2023 Session.

    Where Can You Gamble In Hawaii Locally?

    Domestic sports betting is not legal in HI and is not currently being considered in the state legislature. Most states now have operating sportsbooks, so it is possible that Hawaii could pass legal sports betting laws in future sessions.

    One can only imagine the immaculate real-money casino resorts that could be built in Hawaii, but for now, they are against the law. The only way to legally gamble on casino games in Hawaii is with an offshore betting site.

    Cash hands of poker are not allowed at in-person Hawaii card rooms, nor can they take place online or on mobile devices. International poker sites like the ones we feature here are the only legal option for players in HI at the moment.

    Across the entire USA, racinos are present even in states where other forms of gambling are strictly forbidden. Because of HI’s strict anti-gambling policy, even horse race betting is prohibited locally.


    Major Cities In HI Where Gambling Is Legal At 18

    • Honolulu Casinos - Despite the demand for local casinos and sportsbooks by tourists and visitors, residents and lawmakers aren't terribly interested in passing laws to allow for them. For now, gamblers in Honolulu and elsewhere in HI will have to rely on the 18+ betting sites that operate internationally.

    🌎 Nearby States With Legal 18+ Gambling

    • Due to Hawaii's status as an island state, it doesn't share any borders with any other territories, gambling-friendly or not. We normally suggest nearby states that 18+ locals can travel to for in-person and online gambling, but HI is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and doesn't offer that opportunity. The same is true for seafaring vessels that travel to Hawaii, as no onboard gambling is allowed, even in international waters.

    18+ Hawaii Betting FAQs