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  • MD Horse Race Betting – Domestic 18+, Offshore: 18+
  • Maryland Lottery - Domestic 18+
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Maryland is a gaming friendly state, known for offering locals and visitors a plethora of gaming options both in-person and online. 18+ Maryland online gambling is available despite the local minimum age requirement of 21, and this guide details the sports betting, casino, and poker sites and apps that are the best for 2024.

Online betting in all 50 US states at 18 is possible due to offshore gambling sites, and the same can be said about MD. Find out why these sites are not impacted by Maryland gambling laws and which sites we recommend the most to area players by reading the remainder of this handbook.

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    Best Site For 18+ Online Gambling In Maryland – BetOnline

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    Is BetOnline Legal In Maryland?

    Yes. BetOnlineAG has been the top 18+ online betting site for players in Maryland for years, providing locals with web-based and mobile sports betting, casino gambling, and hands of poker. Anyone can legally join BetOnline as a member because of their offshore location and online gambling regulation provided by the government of Panama.

    • BetOnline Is Legal In Maryland
    • 18+ MD-Based Players Can Join Now
    • Credit And Debit Cards Deposits
    • Bet On MD College Teams And Pro Sports
    • The #1 Maryland Betting App
    • Poker, Casino, And Sports Betting Bonuses
    Best Maryland Gambling Sites For Sites 2024

    Best Maryland Gambling Sites For Sites 2024

    RankSite BonusRating /5USALink
    1BetUS Brand logo250% Max $5,0004.9USA AcceptedPlay Now
    2Super Slots 250% Max $6,0004.7USA AcceptedPlay Now
    3Sun Palace400% Max $6,0004.6USA AcceptedPlay Now
    4Vegas Casino Online300% Max $3,0004.5USA AcceptedPlay Now

    RankSite BonusRating /5USALink
    1BetUS125% Max $3,1254.6USA AcceptedPlay Now
    2BetOnline50% Max $1,0004.5USA AcceptedPlay Now
    3Sports Betting AG50% Max $1,0004.4USA AcceptedPlay Now

    RankSite BonusRating /5USALink
    1BetOnline100% Max $1,0004.6USA AcceptedPlay Now
    2Sports Betting AG100% Max $1,0004.5USA AcceptedPlay Now

    Is Gambling Legal In Maryland At 18?

    Yes. 18 and over gamblers in MD can participate in games of real money bingo, purchase lottery tickets, or bet on horseraces occurring locally or off-track. There are domestic casinos, poker rooms, and sportsbooks that take bets in person, online, and via mobile sports betting apps, but they’re limited to 21+ players.

    Offshore gambling sites are legal in MD because they do not exist within the state borders and are not subject to local laws. The gambling is taking place where the server is located, which is outside of MD and the United States. Each online betting site we recommend accepts 18 and older members and has a reputation for reliable gameplay and prompt payouts.

    Is Online Gambling Legal In Maryland?

    Yes, online gambling is legal in MD. State regulated options for online gambling include sportsbook sites and sports betting apps that are offered to anyone aged 21 and older. Unfortunately, that does it for what’s offered locally in Maryland, but there’s offshore gambling sites that broaden the betting horizons.

    International betting sites are not located in the United States and operate under their own set of local gambling laws. The US Supreme Court has ruled that gambling occurs where the servers are housed, so when using offshore casinos and sportsbooks, the betting is happening in another country.

    18+ Casinos In Maryland

    casino iconThere are six retail casinos in MD that contain real money games for players aged 21 and older. Anyone 20 and under can enter Maryland casinos but cannot partake in any gambling. Any change to the minimum age would require an act of the state legislature.

    There are no online or mobile casinos offered domestically in MD. Each local casino is operated by a retail organization. There are no tribal casinos in Maryland, but there are federally recognized tribes located in-state so the potential is there for Native American casinos at some point.

    The following brick-and-mortar casinos are open now to 21+ gamblers. Each location will vary slightly in what they offer. Real money games include slots, poker, off-track betting, sports betting, blackjack, craps, roulette, baccarat, and more.

    Online Casinos In Maryland For 18 And Up

    At this time, Maryland gambling laws do not allow for local casinos to offer their games online. A majority of the United States shares this legal status, as casino sites are rarely offered locally. The only domestic online betting option in MD is sports gambling.

    However, the state known as “Little America” is a gaming-friendly region and is on the short-list for the next states to pass laws for online casino gambling. If and when that happens, the minimum age will likely be 21 years old, matching the requirement for their land-based venues.

    If you are eighteen and want to gamble online, an offshore casino site is the best option in Maryland. Not all international casino sites permit 18+ clientele to join and gamble, but the ones we’re included here in our list of top betting sites do, and they can be accessed legally in MD.

    No Maryland gambling laws forbid the use of online casinos that are based in other countries, and neither do any at the federal level. The casino websites that we recommend are licensed to operate from international gaming commission and reside with regions where online gambling is legal.

    Most Trusted 18 And Up Casinos In Maryland For July 2024

    BetUS Brand logo

    Minimum Age: 18+
    USA Friendly: ✅

    Welcome Bonus:
    250% Max $5,000

    Super Slots logo long

    Minimum Age: 18+
    USA Friendly: ✅

    Welcome Bonus:
    250% Max $6,000

    Sun Palace Casino logo

    Minimum Age: 18+
    USA Friendly: ✅

    Welcome Bonus:
    400% Max $6,000

    Vegas Casino Online logo

    Minimum Age: 18+
    USA Friendly: ✅

    Welcome Bonus:
    300% Max $3,000

    Casino Age In Maryland

    The minimum age to enter a casino and play a real money game is 21 years old. 20 and under patrons can enter a MD casino but they cannot gamble. 17 and under customers can enter a casino as long as they are with someone who is at least 18.

    Are Casinos Legal In Maryland?

    Yes, casinos are legal in MD. You have to be 21 or older to enter a Maryland casino and play real money games. These locations are legal at the local level, but current gambling laws do not allow for online or mobile play of real money casino games.

    The six MD casinos are connected to top-flight resorts that pamper their guests with every need. In addition to real money Maryland slots, poker, blackjack, craps, roulette, and baccarat, guests can relax by the pool, take in a concert or sporting event, or dine in one of many on-location restaurants.

    Are Online Casinos Legal In Maryland

    Yes, just not with a local casino site. Offshore casinos are the only legal option for gamblers of any age in MD, and the ones we prefer and link to in this guide accept players at the age of 18. These gambling sites offer Maryland casino players games of slots, blackjack, roulette, craps, live dealer games, and more, all under the same account.

    Domestic online casinos are only offered in a few states, but MD lawmakers could decide to add gambling sites to local options in the future. The reason we say that is due to Maryland’s current gambling-friendly status statewide.

    Until then, offshore casino websites are more than suitable for online real money games in MD. The sites we link to here in this guide accept MD casino players at the age of 18, and the accounts can be used inside of any state they permit use from within.

    18+ Sports Betting In Maryland

    Sports IconBetting on sports is becoming commonplace nationwide, and sportsbooks are accepting wagers at the local level in MD. Sportsbooks are offered online, via mobile sports betting apps, and at brick-and-mortar locations. The minimum age to bet on sports domestically in the Free State is 21.

    Online sports betting at the age of 18 can be done legally in MD if you use a licensed and regulated offshore sportsbook site. Not all overseas sports betting sites are eighteen-friendly, but we’ve gathered the best-of-the-best here and provided links that will take readers directly to their online sportsbook.

    Until MD politicians change the local gambling laws, our top online sportsbook sites will be the best option for the 18-to-20 market. Becoming a member is not required to look around each of the sports betting sites we recommend, so check out the gambling options they’ve got posted right now.

    18 And Up Online Sports Betting Maryland

    Domestic online sports betting in MD is legal and currently offered to 21+ players. Any of these local sportsbook sites can be used to place a bet on pro or college games, and there are no restrictions on betting on the programs associated with in-state universities.

    Any web-connected personal computer, Mac, laptop, or other device can be used to bet on sports at a Maryland sportsbook at the age of 21. 18 and older players can’t use domestic sportsbooks, but there are international sports betting sites that are operating legally in the area.

    The sportsbook sites listed here are based overseas and using one to bet on sports in MD does not break any current gambling laws. We have been members with these online sportsbooks for years and prefer them over domestic options due to their acceptance of cryptocurrency and greater variety of betting odds.

    Holding a membership with any of these international sports betting sites also allows for gambling in their online casino and poker room, a Maryland exclusive for players of any age. There are also sportsbook promo codes offered to new depositors that add extra cash to MD sports betting accounts.

    Maryland Sports Teams

    The state of MD contains pro franchises and college programs that compete in the realms of football, baseball, basketball, and more. Local fandoms are split among the following Maryland sports teams that reside within the Old Line State.

    Best Maryland Sports Betting Sites For 2024

    BetUS Brand logo

    Minimum Age: 18+
    USA Friendly: ✅

    Welcome Bonus:
    125% Max $3,125

    BetOnline brand logo

    Minimum Age: 18+
    USA Friendly: ✅

    Welcome Bonus:
    50% Max $1,000

    Sportsbetting AG logo

    Minimum Age: 18+
    USA Friendly: ✅

    Welcome Bonus:
    50% Max $1,000

    Is Sports Betting Legal In Maryland?

    Yes, domestic sports betting in Maryland is legal. Retail sportsbook locations, online sports betting sites, and mobile sports gambling applications are regulated by the State of Maryland. Residents and visitors aged 21 and up are permitted to bet on sports at a local sportsbook in MD.

    Sports betting in MD is also legal when using the services of an offshore sportsbook site like the ones we feature here. No laws forbid the use of offshore-based sports betting sites while inside Maryland, but some sportsbooks forbid wagering while inside the Old Line State. Check with each sportsbook site linked to here to see if they accept players in Maryland before joining.

    Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Maryland?

    Yes. Online sports betting is legal in Maryland. Anyone possessing a web-ready device inside of MD can use it to connect to a domestic online sportsbook and wager on a ballgame if they are 21 or older, which is the same age for gambling and poker.

    There are no laws that prohibit online sports betting with an international sportsbook site in MD. Many of these offshore sports betting sites accept members at the age of 18, and we’ve gathered together a list of the best sportsbooks serving the state and posted it here.

    Even if you are over 21, we still recommend offshore sportsbooks over domestic options because they feature a wider variety of betting odds, including wagering on politics and election outcomes. If you want to bet on Trump or any other political odds, it can be done legally with any sportsbook featured here.

    Maryland Betting Apps

    Mobile gambling in MD is available in all major forms for Apple and Android devices, but the only way to access betting apps at the age of 18 is with one of the top vendors mentioned here. 21 and older sports betting apps are the only domestic form of mobile gambling, and they require a download to smartphones and tablets.

    Offshore betting apps do not require a download and can be pulled up on Androids, iPhones, and iPads across the state. Anyone 18 or older can use our favorite betting apps, and they feature mobile sportsbooks, casinos, and poker rooms, often all under the same roof.

    Using a mobile device in Maryland, click on any link posted here and watch as your touchscreen populates with the latest betting odds and casino games. All the same options featured at the desktop gambling site are available remotely via their associated apps.

    • MD Sports Betting Apps: Offshore (18+), Domestic (21+)
    • Mobile MD Casino Apps: Offshore Only (18+)
    • MD Poker Apps: Offshore Only (18+)
    • Mobile Maryland Bingo Apps: Offshore Only (18+)
    • MD Racebook Apps: Domestic (21+) Offshore (18+)

    Additional Maryland Gambling Information