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  • MN Sports Betting – Offshore: 18+
  • MN Casinos – Offshore: 18+, Domestic 18+
  • MN Poker – Offshore: 18+, Domestic 18+
  • MN Bingo – Domestic 18+, Offshore: 18+
  • MN Horse Race Betting – Domestic 18+, Offshore: 18+
  • Minnesota Lottery - Domestic 18+
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Resting along the shores of Lake Superior, Minnesota is a region that offers a few forms of gambling to locals and visitors. 18+ Minnesota online gambling options are incredibly limited in 2024, and revealing these exclusive opportunities are the reason we have put together this guide.

Online betting at 18 in all US states is possible when belonging to gambling sites that are based offshore. In the following sections, we cover Minnesota gambling laws and how they pertain to casino games, poker, and sports betting. Also included are links to the best Minnesota casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms that accept 18 and older players.

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    Best Site For 18+ Online Gambling In Minnesota – BovadaLV

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    Is Bovada Legal In Minnesota?

    Yes, gamblers aged 18 and up in MN can sign up for a Bovada account and use their online casino, sportsbook, or poker room. No gambling laws in Minnesota or at the federal level prohibit the use of offshore gambling sites like Bovada. They are the number one online casino and sportsbook in MN and have been the top operator for over a decade running.

    • Bovada Is Legal In Minnesota
    • 18+ MN-Based Players Can Join Now
    • Credit And Debit Cards Deposits Accepted
    • Bet On MN College Teams And Pro Sports
    • The #1 Minnesota Betting App
    • Poker, Casino, And Sports Betting Bonuses
    Best Minnesota Gambling Sites For Sites 2024

    Best Minnesota Gambling Sites For Sites 2024

    RankSite BonusRating /5USALink
    1Bovada 125% Max $3,7504.9USA AcceptedPlay NowReview
    2Cafe Casino 350% Max $2,5004.7USA AcceptedPlay Now
    3SlotsLV200% Max $3,0004.6USA AcceptedPlay Now
    4Super Slots250% Max $6,0004.5USA AcceptedPlay Now

    RankSite BonusRating /5USALink
    1Bovada 50% Max $1,0004.9USA AcceptedPlay Now
    2BetUS125% Max $3,1254.6USA AcceptedPlay Now
    3BetOnline50% Max $1,0004.5USA AcceptedPlay Now
    4Sports Betting AG100% Max $1,0004.4USA AcceptedPlay Now

    RankSite BonusRating /5USALink
    1Bovada 100% Max $5004.8USA AcceptedPlay Now
    2BetOnline100% Max $1,0004.6USA AcceptedPlay Now
    3Sports Betting AG100% Max $1,0004.5USA AcceptedPlay Now

    Can You Gamble At 18 In Minnesota Legally?

    Yes. MN allows 18 and older locals and visitors to play real money games of bingo, purchase lottery tickets, and horse race betting. Tribal gambling at Native American casinos is permitted, but each venue varies in whether it will allow anyone under 21 to play. We advise calling ahead before traveling to a tribal MN casino to be sure.

    There are online Minnesota casinos that allow 18-year-olds to gamble that are based in other countries. This is possible because online casinos that reside offshore are only subject to gambling laws in their local jurisdiction. The same applies to online Minnesota poker rooms that operate internationally.

    MN sports betting, while not permitted domestically, is legally available via overseas sportsbook sites. Any of these previously mentioned online gambling types can be performed on personal computers, Macs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets from anywhere within MN and the rest of the USA.

    Is Online Gambling Legal In Minnesota

    Domestically based online gambling in MN is not available in 2024. State lawmakers are working toward legalizing some form of locally regulated sports betting, but online casino gambling and real money poker games will not be considered any time soon.

    Even though local laws are strict, international gambling sites are able to accept players in MN that are aged eighteen and older. These sites offer online sports betting, casino gambling, and hands of poker to anyone 18 and up in Minnesota that has a computer or mobile device.

    No laws prevent locals from signing up with any offshore betting sites at 18 in MN, and we’ve listed the best online gambling venues here. Each top online betting site is licensed and regulated by recognized gaming commissions or local governments.

    18+ Casinos In Minnesota

    casino iconThere are several land-based casinos and racinos in MN, and any of them are allowed to let 18 and over players gamble. However, some Native American casinos in Minnesota are restrictive to players that are 21 and up, with the service of alcohol often the rationale.

    No casinos in Minnesota are allowed to offer their services online. Web-based casino gambling is only legal via offshore betting sites in MN, and the ones we recommend accept players at 18. These are detailed in a later section.

    Below, we have listed the casinos in MN that are open for business in July 2024. These locations offer games of slots, bingo, blackjack, Texas Hold’em, and other popular table games. The state’s two racinos include horse race betting for live and off-track events.

    Online Casinos In Minnesota For 18 And Up

    Online casino gambling is not offered domestically in MN right now. Online sports betting is becoming popular in the United States, and we expect casino sites and poker to become the next domestic gambling craze.

    There are online casinos in Minnesota that accept members starting at the age of 18. These sites are based offshore and can legally offer anyone 18+ in MN access to online blackjack, backgammon, craps, roulette, slots, keno, and much more.

    We’ve listed our favorite Minnesota online casinos here, with links that can be clicked that will take readers to their homepage. Each site features games that differ, so be sure to check out each one of them to find your favorite games at a reputable online MN casino.

    Most Trusted 18 And Up Casinos In Minnesota For July 2024

    Bovada small logo

    Minimum Age: 18+
    USA Friendly: ✅

    Welcome Bonus:
    125% Max $3,750

    cafe casino logo

    Minimum Age: 18+
    USA Friendly: ✅

    Welcome Bonus:
    350% Max $2,500

    SlotsLV logo long

    Minimum Age: 18+
    USA Friendly: ✅

    Welcome Bonus:
    200% Max $3,000

    Super Slots logo long

    Minimum Age: 18+
    USA Friendly: ✅

    Welcome Bonus:
    250% Max $6,000

    Casino Age In Minnesota

    The minimum age to enter a MN casino and gamble is 18. Some Minnesota tribal casinos do not allow anyone under 21 to gamble if they have a liquor license. They are not required to limit entrance to 21+ patrons, they simply choose to not allow 20 and under player. We always suggest calling first before committing.

    Are Casinos Legal In Minnesota?

    Yes. There are numerous casinos in Minnesota that permit eighteen and older gamblers to enter and bet. You don’t have to live in MN to gamble, as casinos are open to anyone that is at least 18 years old. Some locations don’t allow anyone under 21 to enter despite the local laws.

    Any of these venues are within reasonable traveling distance no matter where you are in MN. Online and mobile casinos in Minnesota are not legal, but there are plenty of offshore betting sites that will allow you to play slots, blackjack, and other real money games at 18. They fall outside the scope of MN gambling laws and only need to obey the regulations in place inside their home district.

    Are Online Casinos Legal In Minnesota

    Yes, just not with a domestic provider because there aren’t any. Locally regulated online casinos in MN may become approved by local lawmakers and voters one day, but for now, all domestic options are limited to the retail gambling venues located around the state.

    Any offshore casino can accept members in Minnesota as long as they are licensed by a recognized international gambling body and based in a country where online gaming is legal. This status is held by the sites that we mention here in this guide, and we have included links that take you directly to these top MN casino sites.

    Our review team has been members of these online casinos for years and give them our highest recommendation to any 18 and older players located in MN. Each site has a different set of casino games, so check out each one and win some money online.

    18+ Sports Betting In Minnesota

    Sports IconMN is home to numerous pro and college teams that attract thousands of fans to watch their games on television and in massive stadiums or arenas. The demand for MN sports betting is high, but local options are not yet approved.

    We say not yet because state lawmakers have been active trying to legalize sports betting in MN for years, and the same is true in 2024. Because of the legal age to gamble in a casino being set to 18, we’re not certain what the minimum will be once politicians pass a sports betting bill.

    The world’s best online sports betting sites for 18-year-olds are already available in the North Star State. We’ve presented them here in this guide for your convenience. You’re just a click away from betting on sports at one of MN’s top online sportsbooks right now.

    Betting on pro or college games using an offshore sportsbook doesn’t violate any MN laws. Not all international sports betting sites are 18-friendly, as many of them are 21+. We’ve eliminated those books from our best-of lists and only include the premier online sports betting sites for 18+ Minnesotans.

    18 And Up Online Sports Betting Minnesota

    Just like in-person sports betting in MN, online sportsbooks are also not permitted from domestic operators at this time. The rapid expansion of nationwide sports betting is expected to consume the Land of 10,000 Lakes any year now, but it hasn’t happened yet.

    This status does not forbid local players aged 18 and older from creating a sportsbook account with an offshore sports betting site, if that is what their minimum age requirement is set to. While several of these types of sportsbook sites are 21+ only, the online betting options mentioned here accept 18 and older players.

    The Minnesota online sports betting sites that we suggest to our readership accept wagers on the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, College Football, NCAA Basketball, the UFC, and most other pro and amateur athletics that draw significant viewership.

    That means you can bet on the Vikings, Twins, Golden Gophers, or any other teams around the planet when you sign up with international sportsbook sites. We suggest having a look at each of our favorite online sportsbooks and learning more about what they offer. Membership is not required to click through each section on these gambling sites.

    Minnesota Sports Teams

    The Gopher State is home to many top athletic franchises and programs that span the spectrum of all major professional sports leagues, and the Big Ten Conference. Luckily for locals, there are offshore sportsbook sites that can accept bets on any of the MN teams listed below from gamblers aged eighteen and up.

    Best Minnesota Sports Betting Sites For 2024

    Bovada small logo

    Minimum Age: 18+
    USA Friendly: ✅

    Welcome Bonus:
    75% Max $750

    BetUS Brand logo

    Minimum Age: 18+
    USA Friendly: ✅

    Welcome Bonus:
    125% Max $3,125

    BetOnline brand logo

    Minimum Age: 18+
    USA Friendly: ✅

    Welcome Bonus:
    50% Max $1,000

    Sportsbetting AG logo

    Minimum Age: 18+
    USA Friendly: ✅

    Welcome Bonus:
    50% Max $1,000

    Is Sports Betting Legal In Minnesota?

    Yes. Local laws may not allow for domestic sportsbooks to operate or accept wagers from customers located in Minnesota, but there are legal alternatives. There have been a few sports betting bills introduced in the state legislature recently, and one of them will stick before long.

    Until then, legal sports betting is limited to offshore sportsbook sites in the Gopher State. This is because local laws don’t ban signing up with an offshore book and placing a bet, and many of them accept players at 18. Not all offshore sportsbooks are 18-friendly, but the ones featured here are.

    Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Minnesota?

    Yes. Sports betting sites that are located overseas can accept gamblers inside the North Star State and let them place wagers on odds for all major leagues and games. This is the only available outlet for sports betting at this time because local regulations have yet to be approved.

    The word yet is appropriate because the debut of domestic Minnesota sports betting is inevitable and should happen soon. Due to the presence of international sports betting sites that cater to MN players that are 18 and above, there’s no real rush for domestic options because the only additional element they provide is the potential for in-person wagering.

    Minnesota Betting Apps

    Just like the status of online gambling in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, mobile betting apps are not permitted to operate domestically in Minnesota. We’ve already mentioned our expectations for the arrival of sports betting in MN, and that also applies to sportsbook apps – stay tuned.

    It will be some time before local politicians gain an appetite for mobile poker and casino apps, but with nearby states like Michigan already offering these services, it may be sooner than later. MN has a minimum age of 18 set for retail gambling, so sportsbook and casino apps could have the same requirement once they debut.

    For now, offshore sportsbooks and casinos deliver the best betting apps in Minnesota. The ones we list here accept anyone 18 and up in MN and let them bet on sports, gamble in the casino, play hands of real money poker, live dealer games, bet on horse races, and more.

    No download is needed to access these MN gambling apps on your Apple or Android tablet or smartphone if it is connected to the web. Mobile web browsers can be used to click on any betting app we recommend to Minnesotans from border to border.

    • MN Sports Betting Apps: Offshore (18+), Domestic (21+)
    • Mobile MN Casino Apps: Offshore (18+), Domestic (21+)
    • MN Poker Apps: Offshore (18+), Domestic (21+)
    • Mobile Minnesota Bingo Apps: Offshore Only (18+)
    • MN Racebook Apps: Offshore (18+), Domestic (21+)

    Legal Gambling Age In Minnesota

    All domestic gambling in MN that is currently permitted is allowable for anyone 18 and older. This includes bingo, horse race betting, poker, and casino gambling. There is no MN sports betting permitted domestically for local players of any age, and there is no state regulated online gambling or poker.

    Domestic sports betting is expected soon in the Gopher State, but online casinos and poker rooms are likely years away. While locals wait for domestic venues, offshore sportsbooks, casinos, and poker rooms are accepting players in MN right now.

    Some overseas gambling sites do not accept members that are 20 and under, but the ones we feature on this page are all 18-friendly. Placing a bet on sports, playing a real money casino game, or a hand of poker, is perfectly legal at eighteen using any gambling site listed here.

    Additional Minnesota Gambling Information