The Belmont Stakes Odds Include Two Winners Of Triple Crown Races

Tomorrow at 6:41 PM, ten three-year-old thoroughbreds will sprint one-and-a-quarter miles to the finish line at Saratoga Downs in an attempt to capture the $2 million grand prize.

The first two legs of the Triple Crown featured different winners, but there’s still plenty of intrigue regarding the Belmont Stakes, as neither of the winning horses are favored to win.

Here is the starting order for tomorrow evening.

2024 Belmont Stakes Lineup

  1. Seize The Grey
  2. Resilience
  3. Mystik Dan
  4. The Wine Steward
  5. Antiquarian
  6. Dornoch
  7. Protective
  8. Honor Marie
  9. Sierra Leone
  10. Mindframe

Sieze The Grey won the Preakness Stakes by 2.25 lengths over Mystik Dan. However, Sieze The Grey is tied for third in the odds to win at 18+ sportsbook sites.

2024 Belmont Stakes Odds To Win

  • Sierra Leone +150
  • Mindframe +330
  • Seize The Grey +700
  • Mystik Dan +700
  • Resilience +1000
  • Honor Marie +1200
  • Antiquarian +1400
  • Dornoch +2200
  • The Wine Steward +2500
  • Protective +3500

Mystik Dan won the Kentucky Derby last month and narrowly lost the Preakness. He is also tied for third with a +700 moneyline that will payout at 7-to-1 if he places first at Saratoga.

With both prior winners fetching such profitable moneylines, they may be where savvy players should focus.

Mystic Dan and Seize The Grey are also tied in head-to-head props. The following Belmont Stakes prop bet suggests that the horse that finishes best between the two of them is a pick’em.

Belmont Stakes Match-Up Props: Seize The Grey vs. Mystik Dan

  • Seize The Grey -115
  • Mystik Dan -115

The horse rated second in the betting odds is Mindframe, who did not participate in either of the first two Triple Crown races. When the field is reduced to two thoroughbreds, Sierra Leone’s lead narrows to 90 points.

Belmont Stakes Match-Up Props: Sierra Leone vs. Mindframe

  • Sierra Leone -190
  • Mindframe +150

While that is still a strong indication of success, Sierra Leone’s lead over Mindframe is much larger (220 points) in the overall futures.

Who Is Mindframe?

It seems strange for a horse not included in the first two races to command odds like Mindframe is currently garnering. While this will be the horse’s third career start, which is unusual for a competitor at Belmont, he won his first two outings in impressive fashion.

“[Mindframe]’s 2-for-2, and the way he won both was incredible.”

Mike Repole, Owner Of Mindframe

If you are buying into the hype, the current odds on him to win are set at +330 and will deliver $3.30 in profits on a one-dollar wager.

The oddsmakers at our favorite online casinos for 18 and up also believe in Mindframe, as he is garnering a much higher chance of winning than either winner of each prior Triple Crown leg.

Coverage of the race begins tomorrow morning at 10:30 AM on FS1 and continues at 2 PM on FOX.

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