Super Bowl 58 Betting: It Is Never Too Early To Gamble On NFL Futures

While there are plenty of professional and college sports to bet on throughout the year, none command more attention than the National Football League. Their eighteen-week regular season schedule, three-week playoffs, and championship take in the most revenue at US sportsbooks, with the Super Bowl generating north of $12 billion this year.

The same is true at online sports betting sites that welcome 18-year-old players. At any time of year, gamblers can drop in on any of our favorite NFL betting sites and place a wager on Super Bowl odds for all teams that have yet to be eliminated from the postseason.

Betting On Super Bowl 58 Winners

Selecting a Super Bowl-winning team from a pool of 32 franchises is incredibly difficult. Because of this, 18 friendly online betting sites award massive payouts that are exponentially larger than the number of dollars risked.

For example, the current Super Bowl odds leader for next season is the Kansas City Chiefs. They possess a +600 moneyline at Bovada Sportsbook, which means the Cheifs’ odds will pay out at 6-to-1 if they hoist the next Lombardi Trophy.

The NFL betting odds for each respective team climb higher and deliver more cash winnings as you go down the list. The next highest-ranked team listed in the 2023-24 Super Bowl futures is the Philadelphia Eagles, the team that lost to KC in SB 57.

Based on this, we can assume that Kansas City and Philadelphia will play against each other in Super Bowl LVIII, but there are also AFC and NFC futures that may offer different conclusions.

Betting On The NFL Playoffs In The Preseason

BetUS has conference futures posted that reflect the same outcome that is implied by Bovada’s Super Bowl 58 odds – an Eagles and Chiefs rematch. These NFC and AFC futures odds function the same way as they do for the Super Bowl, but there are only 16 teams involved.

There are also pro football futures for each NFL Division, which is an early way of betting on the NFL Playoffs. Since the pools only consist of four teams per division, the odds, and resulting payouts are much lower.

The chances of winning when betting on NFL Division winners are much higher, however.

Betting On NFL Award Winners

There are also NFL futures offered in the preseason for award winners, such as Coach of the Year, Comeback Player of the Year, and more. Here are the current odds leaders for each award at BetOnline.

  • NFL Coach of the Year Odds: Sean Payton (Denver Broncos) +900
  • NFL Comeback Player of the Year Odds: Damar Hamlin (Safety – Buffalo Bills) -500
  • NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Odds: Bijan Robinson (Running Back – Atlanta Falcons) +275
  • NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year Odds: Will Anderson (Defensive End – Houston Texans) +300
  • NFL MVP Odds: Patrick Mahomes (Quarterback – Kansas City Chiefs) +625

The above odds will remain on the boards all season and payout once each award is handed out or a division, conference, or Super Bowl is won. Payouts will not begin on any of the above odds until December at the earliest unless a division is won prior to that.

The moneyline odds in these football futures will also fluctuate, so if you like what you see, take action today.

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