Why You Should Consider MatchPay Deposits And Payouts At 18+ Betting Sites

We do business with several betting sites that cater to the eighteen and over market in the United States, and we have an extensive list of prerequisites they must adhere to before we’ll consider joining as a member.

Very high on that list of requirements is a banking portfolio that includes our favorite methods of depositing funds and withdrawing winnings made in the online casino, sportsbook, or poker room.

However, our preferred methods don’t always align with those of the general public, creating a large betting base that is not being catered to appropriately.

Gamblers can offer suggestions to 18+ sportsbook sites, online casinos, and web-based poker rooms that they do business with, but often, the venues are unable to comply for a number of logistical reasons.

Eighteen and older bettors can circumvent these limitations by purchasing or selling gambling vouchers. These are unique codes that can be requested from betting sites that work similarly to a gift card.

Because these voucher sales are person-to-person in nature, the method used to pay for them is entirely up to the parties involved.

These vouchers can be used to deposit funds into your account at the betting site that issued it but cannot be used elsewhere unless a sister site allows for it.

The buying and selling of vouchers has been arranged by members in the community forums at betting sites for years, but for some, that doesn’t offer enough protection. Enter MatchPay.

MatchPay Deposits

While some 18-friendly online casinos feature MatchPay embedded into their banking suite, we suggest signing up as a member because it opens the door to vouchers from other participating companies.

Requesting a trade can be initiated by clicking the ‘Create A New Offer’ button in your account profile. Type in the dollar amount you are looking to acquire and select the payment method you prefer.

Once submitted, sellers will be able to reach out to you to complete the trade. After receiving your voucher code, it can be uploaded to your betting site account instantly. We recommend depositing voucher funds immediately because they typically have an expiration date attached to them.

MatchPay Payouts

If you want to sell a voucher using MatchPay, it works identically to the purchasing process. From your account profile, create an offer for how much money you’d like to withdraw and what types of methods you can accept.

A buyer will select your offer and initiate the remainder of the process. Once the buyer has sent you funds for your voucher, you can request the code from the vendor and email it to them to complete the transaction.

Other Benefits Of MatchPay

While direct member-to-member voucher trading can be effective, MatchPay adds an extra layer of security by overseeing the transaction to completion. Because the system operates using MatchPay credits, they have the authority to govern transactions closely and ensure that both parties are satisfied.

At the moment, MatchPay users can buy and sell using Apple Pay, PayPal, Zelle, Chime, Venmo, and CashApp, with the potential to include more vendors in the future.

MatchPay FAQs